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Long-awaited monument to Little Syria moving forward in Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza

4 July 2023

Arab News

Tour guide dubs Little Syria ‘The best-kept secret in New York history’

2 July 2023

Preservation Magazine

How scholars are retrieving Manhattan’s vanished Syrian American past

Summer 2023

The New Arab

New York, New York: The first Arabic-speaking community in The United States

21 April 2023

The Broadsheet

Non-prof outlines plan for ‘safe haven’ shelter on Washington Street

18 December 2020


Concrete plazas will be transformed into a new park in FiDi

23 August 2019


Preservations call for landmarking of Little Syria vestiges in Lower Manhatten

5 June 2019

Untapped Cities: New York

New park, Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza, will commemorate literary legacy of NYC’s Little Syria

30 January 2017

Tribeca Tribune

In a time of immigration turmoil, artist chosen to honor Arab Americans

6 February 2017


FiDi’s once-vibrant Arab neighborhood, Little Syria, remembered in new park

2 February 2017

Voices of NY

Little Syria’s writers to be memorialized

30 January 2017

AP News

What’s left of New York’s Little Syria: a short but rich tour


19 October 2016


Local historians fight to commemorate ‘Little Syria’

5 August 2016

NY Times

Record of mosque hints at Muslims’ long history in New York


10 December 2015

Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

In Lower Manhatten, memories of ‘Litte Syria’

25 March 2013

The National

In New York’s Little Syria, a fight to preserve the past 

21 September 2013

NY Post

Activists fight city to save last two buildings in ‘Little Syria’

24 June 2012


Little Syria, NY

November/December 2012

NY Times

Little Syria (now Tiny Syria) finds new advocates

1 January 2012

Al Jazeera Arabic

(Arabic حملة لحماية تراث العرب الأميركيين)

30 November 2011

The Paris Review

Little Syria

17 September 2011

Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

An Arab for ground zero 

24 May 2011

Manhattan used to have Little Syria (Gothamsit)

An Arab for ground zero 

02 July 2024


Zoom webinar: WSHS board member Linda K. Jacobs | the Syrian colony in NYC 1880-1900 | afikra conversations

12 October 2021

US Arab Radio

Zoom webinar: saving the heritage of Arab writers in New York and a monument to honor them.

27 February 2021

Kerning Cultures

Podcast episode: “Little Syria” featuring voices from the community.

Sep 2020

Poets House

Literary partners program: celebrating the Arab American poets of Khalil Gibran’s pen league

March 2019

Al Jazeera Arabic

Elizabeth Berger Oark ground breaking/Al_Rabitah memorial

Sep 2019

CBS News

How we remember: the ways in which we memorialize and how we preserve collective memory

7 October 2018


Preserving New York City’s ‘Little Syria’

7 Feb 2012


Zoom webinar: WSHS board member Linda K. Jacobs |Reconstructing Manhattan’s Forgotten Syrian Quarter

23 May 2024

Al Hurra

Aug 2012

July 2022

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